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Book review: FML

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F My Life
by Maxime Valette,Guillaume Passaglia & Didier Guedj.And the cute illustrations were done by Marie Levesque,which kinda reminds me of Family Guy.

Why I'm interested in this book at the first place..

I thought this gonna be a semi-memoir of a bunch of guys sharing their life lessons.Yeah,something like,'I've screwd up like this before,so you guys don't do the same thing so that you won't screw up too'-thing. Little that I know the book title was referring to the actual definition of the abbreviation:

an acronym for Fuck My Life, but also the name of a popular website, where people post their embarrassing stories. They all start with Today and end with FML - source

What do I think about this that I've done reading it..

It's freakin' hilarious! Really,like if you sit in the corner thinking,"Gosh,my life's a shit" definitely not alone.What I'm trying to say is,there are some people out there who's been through much more worse,and yet,they had wilingly to documented it in this book.

Yeah,I think our life is a funny thing,and some other life's are even funnier.If that's the case,aren't we should have worked as a comedien(ne) already? Oh well.

Spoil me some excerpts Angela!!! Okay,here you go..
These are some of my favorites:

Guitar Zero.
Today I was at an interview for a music school. When I got my guitar out of its case, I realized that my friends had thought it would be funny to replace my real guitar with one from the Guitar Hero video game. FML

What's your number,cutie fireman?
Today I asked a very cute fireman for his number "Just in case I need you to come to my rescue." He told me, "Yeah, sure!" and scribbled it down. After he walked away, I read his note. It said: "911." FML

Nice toilet can be very deceiving.
Today I went over to my uncle's house for dinner, and my stomach started to hurt really bad. I noticed there were two toilets, so I sat on the nicer one and proceeded to take a huge dump. It turned out that I had chosen the brand-new toilet. It hadn't been connected yet. FML

Get this if you like:
Laughing Out Loud,can't get enough of cat anecdotes,comedy is your favorite genre,a little perk-me-up-caffiene-subsitute


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Review: A Tale of Two Sisters; I wondered if my eyes are playing with my logic.

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Finally,finally.I had watched this movie after five years watching the remake.In my review on The Uninvited, I had mentioned that I would learn something new if I watched the original version.And yes,I did.

Have you ever seen something and registered to your logical mind,wether it's a lie or, your mind's playing with your sanity by whatever you've see through your eyes? Which side you would believe in? Yup,this is what A Tale Of Two Sisters is all about.And since I've watched the remake before the original version,I would relate both of them together so that you'll get the picture.

May contain spoilers.Don't proceed if you don't want your popcorn-munching session to be spoiled!

What is the title of the movie,Angela? Chonghwa, Hongryon (also known as A Tale Of Two Sisters)

Alrighty,which character(s) that I will see the most throught the movie? The in-your-face Su-mi,who does not afraid to speak her mind and her sister,Sun-hyeon,the shy,timid one.Their stepmom,who is full of life and quite overbearing at times.And the dad,hahahaha,I wondered wether he does have a clue on everything,or a cold person in nature or surprisingly enough,the brain behind the interior decorations of their house.

Okay,cut the crap,Angela.What can you summed up after you've done watching it? And so yeah,just so you know,both versions are different in their storyline.Hehe,how's that for a spoiler?

Here's one thing I've learnt from this movie:

Remember to make sure your house well-lit at all times!!!

Why you ask? Okay,consider this scenario: On a nice morning on any day of your choice,you heard a loud bang in your house.All right,you would go to find the source of the noise right? When you arrived at the scene,if you notice a piece of furniture is misplaced,a closet had been tumbling down from it's original place,lift 'em up.Put them in the original place.Don't just stare and leave it right there and walk out from your house thinking you're Professor X and arrange them with your telepathic powers.NO.

What if there's someone under the furniture,unable to scream for help? What if it's your beloved dog stuck under the closet? Or your pet parrot,anaconda or hamster?

Consider scenario #2: You just get back home from a long journey that night.You're heading to washroom. Please,please make that area well-lit for your safety. You wouldn't know if you'll get slip from the wet floor,knock your head on a hard surface and passed out.Or the worst of the worst,a spooky entity might crawled out from the bathtub and eat you alive.

Heheh,I've warned ya.

Other than that,I've kinda addicted with the instrumental at the end of this movie.

What do you think of the movie poster,Angela? Okay,to be honest,this should be the poster for The Uninvited,and vice versa.

So,what will you recommend for further watching,Angela? If you haven't seen the remake,well,go ahead.If you're not happy with the ending of this movie,go watch the remake.

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13 albums of 2013.

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Hello World!! *waves* I think this little corner has been forgotten,haha. Although this one is not on the regular Thursday 13 post,I would like to express that 2013 is a year of musical abundant-ness. I felt so blessed,as a music fan and as a fangirl.The comebacks,new albums (lots of them,mind you!) Thank you,thank you,thank you. I hope this coming year 2014 would be great as well. :)

And so,this list is in random order.

Clazziquai Project Blessed

Gosh,the comeback of my favorite trio.I was so overjoyed with Blessed.And I read somewhere that this could be thier last album together,it's a sad news as well.Nonetheless,the music is as simple as the cover album. The songs are mostly on the easy-listening side as compared to Mucho Musica/Punk.Clazziquai Project,thank you so much for your music.

Take a listen to: "Blessed", "Love Right", "Brown Gold Eyes", "Like A Diamond"

B.A.P One Shot

Wow wow wow,they had amazed us with their epic win music video "One Shot". Have you seen it? If you haven't,it's okay,make this way please...after that,you can proceed with this review.I would say the production of "One Shot" is almost close to perfection.No,no,I'm not exaggerating about this.

Take a listen to: All tracks! "Punch", "One Shot", "Coma", "0 (Zero)"

the GazettE Beautiful Deformity

I could safely say that this album is probably created in a chemistry lab.The prominent of various musical elements are really profound here (hint: cover art).I can't wait for the live version of this album.

Take a listen to: "Inside Box", "Last Heaven", "Devouring One Another", "Coda", "To Dazzling Darkness", "Inside Beast"

SHINee Chapter 2:'Why So Serious? The Misconception of Me'

First and foremost,I think the first phrase from the album title were inspired by Mr Joker himself.Second,whoever come up with the concept for the cover art is a genius.Third,why Chapter 2 is in this list,you might ask? Well,'The Misconception of Me' has this distinctive 'SHINee sound',and they finally nailed it this time.

Take a listen to: "Nightmare", "Why So Serious?", "Orgel", "Dangerous(Medusa II)", "Like A Fire", "Excuse Me Miss", "Evil"

B.A.P Badman

You must be thinking,why don't I put together One Shot and Badman into one,just like what I did for Vanilla Accoustic? Well,it's because the musical direction for Badman is waaayy different by assimilating new music genre into things they've already forte'd.And yeah,that what I think "Badman" is subtly about.

Take a listen to: All tracks! "Whut's Poppin'", "Badman", "Excuse Me", "Coffee Shop", "Bow Wow", "Hurricane"

P.O Bigboi is ready 2 showtime

Make way for a mixtape into this list.I didn't know this would be coming,I only found out about it last October,heh.A one hardcore mixtape,not only on his rappin' styles,also the amount of swearin' he makes.So yeah,this one's also not for the 'faint-hearted'.

Take a listen to: All tracks! "Aminoacid" ft. Mino, "Ballbo2", "B.I.G boi style", "Black Vans Authentic", "Do It", "Eyeline", "Fuxx the system", "Good Morning With You" ft. Incredible, "Hongdae", "I belived in me", "Shxx" ft. Incredible, "You try"

Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game (Deluxe Edition)

A sequel to 'Here I Am',perhaps? Most likely.This one's a sexy album,just take a look the song titles,y'all.The only difference between these two is that Talk A Good Game is less on the electronic-sound.

Take a listen to: "Freak", "Kisses Down Low", "Talk A Good Game" ft Kevin Cossom, "Dirty Laundry", "I Remember", "Red Wine", "Street Life" ft Pusha T, "Stand In Front Of Me", "Feet to the Fire" ft Pharrell, "Love Me 'Til I Die"

Miley Cyrus Bangerz (Deluxe Edition)

You know what,this album's really good.When I meant good,it is good.Just ignore her past/current/soon-to-come quirkiness,y'all.The attitude of this album is on point,although I don't know if Mike Will (ever) Made It,or,what 'Bangerz' really means.Bravado,Miss Miley.

Take a listen to: "We Can't Stop", "4x4", "Fu", "Rooting For My Baby", "#getitright", "Do My Thang", "Hands In The Air"

Girls' Generation I Got A Boy

Hey,hey, GG album on this list.Well,my affection towards the music by these girls back then were only within their hit singles,and the rest of their album's were like the 'filler factor'.Except for this one,the whole album's pretty good.Even their ballad tracks.One of the track,"Dancing Queen" samples Duffy's "Mercy".Not really keen on that one,though.

Take a listen to: "I Got A Boy", "Baby Maybe", "Talk Talk", "Promise", "Express 999", "Look At Me", "Romantic St."

Alexandra Stan Cliche (Hush Hush)

If you can't get enough of "Mr Saxobeat", then go get her album.It's a 'deluxe' cos there are remixes of the original tracks.Basically it's dansy/party album overall.

Take a listen: "Mr Saxobeat", "Cliche (Hush Hush)", "Lemonade", "Ting Ting", "Show Me The Way", "Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)", "Get Back (ASAP)", "1.000.000" ft Carlprit

Vanilla Acoustic 2nd part 1 & 2

I found out about this band quite late,though,sometime around October/November while listening to songs in K-indie.After some googling and stuff,I found out that they had been releasing their second album,in 2 parts,this year.

Part 1 is more on 'soft side',I know it might sound weird (hehe) but yeah,it feels like on a road trip on a springtime.Meanwhile Part 2's more catchy in which the mood I could relate to a trip to beach during summer.

Take a listen to (both Part 1&2): "Love Is Over", "Quiff Man", "Jaetkkoch"

Yuna Nocturnal

Homegirl's making her comeback with her second album.I would say this one's a mellow like a cool Sunday morning while having your beverage of choice (yup,not nessacarily breakfast).

Take a listen to: "Mountains", "Lights & Camera", "I Want You Back", "Colors"

Beyoncé Beyoncé

Heheheh...we ALL didn't see this coming,are we? I would say the concept of a 'visual' album is a fantastic idea.Which means,all songs are potential singles,no fillers (I'm looking at YOU, K-pop).And yeah,a couple of sexy songs (go figure) and nope,I haven't seen the 'visual' aspect yet.I'm not going to rush when I'm already hooked auditory-ly.

Take a listen to: All tracks! "Pretty Hurts", "Haunted", "Drunk in Love" ft Jay Z, "Blow", "No Angel", "Partition", "Jealous", "Rocket", "Mine" ft Drake, "XO", "***Flawless" ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, "Heaven", "Blue" ft. Blue Ivy

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To those with their own 2013 resolutions,all the best to you too! 

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My Korea-Holic - my friend/colleague blog on her tips on her trips to Korea.

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Thank you,2012.

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And so,this is how I would summarized 2012,which explains the severely-lack of updates. Warning: Image heavy-loaded! These were snagged from Tumblr,and so,credits to the respective maker.

Friday, December 28, 2012

What I got for Christmas were...

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Hope you all had a great Christmas so far.Mine was okay too,and as promised,these are the presents that I received...

Here it is,both Big Brother and lil Bad Piggie insists on taking picture with Santa and the lovely fairy.

At first,I thought it's a typical Christmas ornament,like the ones you will decorate your Christmas tree with.After convinced by the little note inside of the box (not shown here) that it's a musical Santa,hence the search for the button and the output (of the music) begins.

..yeah,had found it eventually.This is the first time I had a clockwork-operated Santa.And yeah,from the picture above,the little raindeer will rotate anti-clockwise until the Christmas song stops.

And so,I checked out the second present.As you can see,she wasn't doing any attempt to do a modelling pose.It's just that apart from made of porcelain,she is special because of the wings.

I can't tell exactly what her wings are made of,but I may need to pay a special care since her outfits and all are prone to dusts.

Lastly,from my company.Will be using this soon,coffee treat with my family :)

The arrow brushes used in the first picture is by Creature Comfort
The Photoshop actions used for the pictures was by....I've forgotten.Will update this section soon. fachivhanlintjewas