Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 26: My fascination in metaphysics.Done.

[random] It's Ruki's birthday today!!!
[listening to] shiver by the gazette (this one very cool rockin' song)

Day 26: Do you believe in the different types of astrology? Which branch do you feel most drawn to?

I've been exposed to the likes of the western astrology,Chinese astrology and blood type personality (does it considered as astrology? Heh.).Which ones that I most drawn to? I can't say.

I believe that there's a lot more out there,and to be honest,I'm way very fascinated with these kind of subject.It's just that,how these principles got collected and be proven?

..hahah.Enough of my ramblings.Because there's a lot more,we as humans are entitled with freedom on whether to believe,accept,reject,or simply knowing that there's some people talking about it.That's what I believe.

via Michiel

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