Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: A Tale of Two Sisters; I wondered if my eyes are playing with my logic.

[random] it's raining outside...
[listening to] ringa linga by taeyang

Finally,finally.I had watched this movie after five years watching the remake.In my review on The Uninvited, I had mentioned that I would learn something new if I watched the original version.And yes,I did.

Have you ever seen something and registered to your logical mind,wether it's a lie or, your mind's playing with your sanity by whatever you've see through your eyes? Which side you would believe in? Yup,this is what A Tale Of Two Sisters is all about.And since I've watched the remake before the original version,I would relate both of them together so that you'll get the picture.

May contain spoilers.Don't proceed if you don't want your popcorn-munching session to be spoiled!

What is the title of the movie,Angela? Chonghwa, Hongryon (also known as A Tale Of Two Sisters)

Alrighty,which character(s) that I will see the most throught the movie? The in-your-face Su-mi,who does not afraid to speak her mind and her sister,Sun-hyeon,the shy,timid one.Their stepmom,who is full of life and quite overbearing at times.And the dad,hahahaha,I wondered wether he does have a clue on everything,or a cold person in nature or surprisingly enough,the brain behind the interior decorations of their house.

Okay,cut the crap,Angela.What can you summed up after you've done watching it? And so yeah,just so you know,both versions are different in their storyline.Hehe,how's that for a spoiler?

Here's one thing I've learnt from this movie:

Remember to make sure your house well-lit at all times!!!

Why you ask? Okay,consider this scenario: On a nice morning on any day of your choice,you heard a loud bang in your house.All right,you would go to find the source of the noise right? When you arrived at the scene,if you notice a piece of furniture is misplaced,a closet had been tumbling down from it's original place,lift 'em up.Put them in the original place.Don't just stare and leave it right there and walk out from your house thinking you're Professor X and arrange them with your telepathic powers.NO.

What if there's someone under the furniture,unable to scream for help? What if it's your beloved dog stuck under the closet? Or your pet parrot,anaconda or hamster?

Consider scenario #2: You just get back home from a long journey that night.You're heading to washroom. Please,please make that area well-lit for your safety. You wouldn't know if you'll get slip from the wet floor,knock your head on a hard surface and passed out.Or the worst of the worst,a spooky entity might crawled out from the bathtub and eat you alive.

Heheh,I've warned ya.

Other than that,I've kinda addicted with the instrumental at the end of this movie.

What do you think of the movie poster,Angela? Okay,to be honest,this should be the poster for The Uninvited,and vice versa.

So,what will you recommend for further watching,Angela? If you haven't seen the remake,well,go ahead.If you're not happy with the ending of this movie,go watch the remake.


  1. Hi, I have heard this movie but never watching it. Maybe x sampai seru kot. But after read your review, I will search for it. Ho Ho Ho, finding memo.

  2. @Syida

    You should like horror movies right? ps: Ikan Nemo takder dalam movie ni :P


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