Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book review: FML

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F My Life
by Maxime Valette,Guillaume Passaglia & Didier Guedj.And the cute illustrations were done by Marie Levesque,which kinda reminds me of Family Guy.

Why I'm interested in this book at the first place..

I thought this gonna be a semi-memoir of a bunch of guys sharing their life lessons.Yeah,something like,'I've screwd up like this before,so you guys don't do the same thing so that you won't screw up too'-thing. Little that I know the book title was referring to the actual definition of the abbreviation:

an acronym for Fuck My Life, but also the name of a popular website, where people post their embarrassing stories. They all start with Today and end with FML - source

What do I think about this book..now that I've done reading it..

It's freakin' hilarious! Really,like if you sit in the corner thinking,"Gosh,my life's a shit"...you definitely not alone.What I'm trying to say is,there are some people out there who's been through much more worse,and yet,they had wilingly to documented it in this book.

Yeah,I think our life is a funny thing,and some other life's are even funnier.If that's the case,aren't we should have worked as a comedien(ne) already? Oh well.

Spoil me some excerpts Angela!!! Okay,here you go..
These are some of my favorites:

Guitar Zero.
Today I was at an interview for a music school. When I got my guitar out of its case, I realized that my friends had thought it would be funny to replace my real guitar with one from the Guitar Hero video game. FML

What's your number,cutie fireman?
Today I asked a very cute fireman for his number "Just in case I need you to come to my rescue." He told me, "Yeah, sure!" and scribbled it down. After he walked away, I read his note. It said: "911." FML

Nice toilet can be very deceiving.
Today I went over to my uncle's house for dinner, and my stomach started to hurt really bad. I noticed there were two toilets, so I sat on the nicer one and proceeded to take a huge dump. It turned out that I had chosen the brand-new toilet. It hadn't been connected yet. FML

Get this if you like:
Laughing Out Loud,can't get enough of cat anecdotes,comedy is your favorite genre,a little perk-me-up-caffiene-subsitute


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  1. Wow...interesting book that maybe my cat will laugh to. I mean this book really funny. And maybe when I read this book, I will remember back the most funny thing from my memory.

    1. oh yes!!! recommend them to your cat...it's hilarious one. I mean,some of the things here could happen to us,but as for now...it's good for laughs :P

    2. Ahhahahahahahah..send my regards to your cat :p

  2. Tq. My cat so busy with his girlfriends. I don't know when this book will be in front of my eyes. Hehee. But tq so much


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